This game is made for MrTubaGames' 3 Game Devs, 1 Art Pack Challenge!

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Sound FX: Zapsplat

Art Pack: Pixel Adventure

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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Great prototype! I suggest making boxes appear more often. Also, the boxes go at a different speed on the conveyer than the player! Maybe make it the same speed? :D

Thanks DevNoob! I will be working on these!

Pretty cool game. My feedback in the video may sound a bit harsh, but it is a nice game

All good! Thanks for playing Tuba!

Nice game man. But food comes way too late i held on until i couldn't even move forward and later physics took place. 

Overall EPIK! game

Thanks for playing Destus

no probs


1. spelling conveyor instead of conveyer

2. speed of the conveyor belt is different for the frog than for the boxes (frog moves faster, which is odd)

3. should make the box frequency increase over time, rather than just the conveyor belt speed

4. not clear what the watermelon does or if it has a sound effect

5. scoring seems to be related to when the frog passes over the box, which allows for players to go back and forth over to make the score increase, if you don't want this you can increase the counter when the box is destroyed off screen.

Thanks for the feedback! I cant believe I spelt conveyor wrong!1!1!111!1!111


Highly Pogalicious